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Ilike Organic Skincare and their Branded Flash Drive

ilike Organic Skin Care create high-end, environmentally friendly and organic skin care products. Last year, they got in contact with our team as they were looking to customize flash drives and have them uploaded with their latest product catalogue. They came to us at USB Flash Drive as we offer a range of eco-friendly USB […]

Our Top 3 Leather USB Stick Designs

Leather USB Sticks make great high-end corporate gifts and promotional giveaways. They have always been a firm favourite with USB Flashdrive staff and customers. We’ve chosen our Top 3 Leather Memory Stick models based on both popularity, the quality of the design and the branding opportunities they offer. We love these quality Leather USB Drives, […]

Why Flash Drives still make excellent promotional giveaways

Printed Flash Drives have long been a firm favorite in promotional merchandise world. Having continually been found in the top 10 lists of promotional products, some may feel that with the growth of cloud platforms and storage space, the days of the Flash Drive giveaway were numbered. However, we have some great reasons as to […]

Will my files fit? What to bear in mind when selecting USB-Drive memory capacity

  Have you ever tried to fit 2GB worth of data onto a 2GB Flash Drive only to be told there is insufficient memory capacity?   You double check your file sizes to ensure they really total 2GB and try again only to be greeted with the same notification. You delete or compress your files […]

5 Reasons the Twister in the Worlds Best Selling Flash Drive

1. It’s small and compact The Twister Flash Drive weighs a mere 12g and at just 56mm x 19mm in size, its great for attaching to a keyring or putting safely in a small zip pocket. As Flash Drives are often used as a secure way to transfer data the smaller and more lightweight ones […]

Printed Products beyond USB Flash Drives

While Flash Drives remain one of the most popular promotional gifts on the market, there are a wide range of other printed products that can complement your flash drive and look great in trade show giveaway packs. Through our partner company Brandelity, USB-Flashdrive is able to offer a wide range of other promotional items. Here […]

Flash Drive Hacks – Top 5 DIY Flash Drive Videos

Here at we love a good technology hack or gimmick and there is no better place to search for these than on our friend YouTube.   Some of the most popular videos involving USB memory sticks are the DIY drives. There are hundreds of videos of people from all over the world designing their […]

Our Top 10 Custom-Made Branded Flash Drives!

Over the years, USB-Flashdrive has created hundreds of custom designed and branded memory sticks for clients from all over the world. We’ve had some weird and wacky requests as well as some really ingenious ones. It’s been hard to choose, but here are our TOP 10 custom flash drives!     10. Foam Fire Extinguisher […]

Eco-Friendly Flash Drives we Love

3 of our all time favorite flash drives As it’s Valentine’s Day soon, we would like to share our love with you for some of our favorite Eco-friendly Flash Drives. There are so many, but we have managed to shortlist them down to our top 3. (All of the models mentioned in this blog are […]

The Last Flash Drive on Earth

What would you choose to save on the very last flash drive on earth? Check out which games, books and TV shows we would take with us to the end of the world.     Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to with this graphic.