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USB Flash Drives For Freedom

What To Do With An Old USB Flash Drives We’ve made hundreds of thousands of USB Flash Drives over the past 15 years for a lot of happy customers. As an environmentally conscious company, the majority of these USB Flash Drives have had their casings made from recycled materials because we’re big on recycling. So, […]

The new IPad iOS 13 will enable file transfers using Flash Drives

Recently Apple announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in California that their latest operating system for iPads would have a pretty handy new feature. With over 40 million iPads sold last year a lone updates to their OS is sure to have a beneficial impact for many. The new feature that caught our attention most […]

How does the new Microsoft Windows 10 update affect your Flash Drive?

The new Windows 10 update is expected to be rolled out very soon. With this operating system being the world’s most popular for desktop devices, there’s going to be a lot of people who’ll be updating in the near future. Being experts in all things flash drives we wanted to make you aware of two […]

USB 3.0. Does your Promo Flash Drive need to be faster?

USB 3.0 was released in 2008 and soon became an option for promotional flash drives with its superior transfer speeds. When looking at our website you will see that many of our most popular USB flash drive models are offered in both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. However, what is really the difference between these […]

Hot Flash Drives for 2019!

  Happy New Year! We thought we’d kick start the New Year off with our predictions of what Flash Drives we believe will be popular in 2019 and why.   Eco-friendly Flash Drives Consumers all over the country voiced their concern regarding plastic waste in 2018 with some US cities banning the use of some […]

If you were a Flash Drive, what Flash Drive model would you be and why?

Here at USB Flash Drive we like to have a little fun occasionally. We’ve been operating for over 15 years and with most of our staff having worked here for at least a decade there’s rarely a Flash Drive question they can’t answer. So, we thought we’d ask them a fun, but slightly unusual, Flash […]

How long does a Flash Drive last?

In a world where sensitive information gets leaked through the online hacking of files it’s unsurprising that many have reverted away from online storage and back to the safer nature of offline Flash Drives for storage. Flash Drives are not only safer, due to not storing data online, but they’re also a lot more reliable, […]

Ilike Organic Skincare and their Branded Flash Drive

ilike Organic Skin Care create high-end, environmentally friendly and organic skin care products. Last year, they got in contact with our team as they were looking to customize flash drives and have them uploaded with their latest product catalogue. They came to us at USB Flash Drive as we offer a range of eco-friendly USB […]

Our Top 3 Leather USB Stick Designs

Leather USB Sticks make great high-end corporate gifts and promotional giveaways. They have always been a firm favourite with USB Flashdrive staff and customers. We’ve chosen our Top 3 Leather Memory Stick models based on both popularity, the quality of the design and the branding opportunities they offer. We love these quality Leather USB Drives, […]

Why Flash Drives still make excellent promotional giveaways

Printed Flash Drives have long been a firm favorite in promotional merchandise world. Having continually been found in the top 10 lists of promotional products, some may feel that with the growth of cloud platforms and storage space, the days of the Flash Drive giveaway were numbered. However, we have some great reasons as to […]