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Build Your Own DJ Survival Kit

A good DJ is life the of the party… until technical failure strikes! Build yourself a DJ survival kit that will help you overcome even the most unexpected disaster. Make your DJ survival kit unique and stand out from the crowd with our, custom flash drives.     Embed this graphic by using the following […]

Top 5 Retro Sci-fi Gadgets that Exist Now – Back To The Future

  When Granny asks you to show her how to post pictures of her Jack Russell on “The Facebook” (once she realises that you don’t know how to program the VCR) you can’t help but be reminded of just how fast technology is advancing. The situation is so much more striking when watching one of […]

How Big Is A Gig?

How many files can you REALLY fit on your digital storage devices?   Between kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes, understanding digital storage in a practical “but-what-does-that-actually-mean” fashion can be confusing at the best of times. Much like in school math, things become clearer when we compare apples with apples. So we’ve taken the liberty of […]

USB Thumb Drives fix major security breach for Chrysler

After two hackers managed to take control of someone else’s Chrysler Jeep, the world’s leading car manufacturer turns to USB Thumb Drives to fix the problem. DEFCON hackers, Charlie Miller and ‘Chris Valasek have highlighted just how vulnerable some vehicles built in computer systems can be by hacking into that of a Chrysler Jeep using […]

The Beginners Guide to Branding a Small Business

  Experiencing success in business is not only dependent on how great, inexpensive or luxurious your product or service is. Branding and communications are essential ingredients for success when building a business. Communicating your message accurately and in an engaging way may be the difference between failure and success. Every company aims to be the […]

26 Seriously Epic Flash Drive Hacks

  Few will argue that dynamite comes in small packages. But not many of us are fully aware of just how well this concept applies to the standard flash drive. This small, unassuming gadget is capable of far more than we may give it credit for.     Not yet convinced? Take a squizz as […]

Christmas Bulk Flash Drives – an affordable, fun but useful promotional gift

It’s getting to that time of year again, when everybody is looking for great gifts to give others during the festive period. Whether it’s for loyal customers, hardworking employee’s or even stocking fillers for friends and family, Christmas Bulk Flash Drives are an ideal option. This year we have introduced novelty Christmas bulk flash drives […]

We challenge you! Can you find all 11 of our Branded USB Drives?

We challenge you to take on our Product Sales Manager, James Thomas, and see if you can find all 11 of our Branded USB Drives in this word search in less than 1.5 minutes (that’s James’ time record). All 11 Branded USB Drives hidden in this word search were found to be best sellers this […]

Spooky Halloween USB Thumb Drives

Our Top Halloween USB Thumb Drives – Ideal for Marketing Campaigns, Events or Gifts During build up of Halloween, we get some of the most weirdest and spookiest requests for Halloween USB Thumb Drives – definitely one of our favorite times of the year at USB-FlashDrive.  Top of our favorite list this year has got […]

Promotional Thumb Drives with a touch of sophistication

Leather Promotional Thumb Drives If you’re looking for a thumb drive model that shout sophistication and class then it could be worth considering Leather thumb drives. Leather promotional thumb drives offer sophistication, durability and sleek design. The covering of these Flash Drives are all made from genuine leather which can be pantone matched to suit […]