The Card Shaped USB – Business Card of the future?

More and more we are seeing customers purchase our card shaped USB and are using it as a personal business card. Due to the inexpensive nature of the business card, the USB will never be able to replace it, but as marketing tool to be given to those extra special clients it can be invaluable.

With a USB Wallet Card you are given the extra dimension of data storage where as with a business card you can only use it for the print area. This enables you to store any data or marketing material on the USB that you want the person receiving the drive to see. You also have the ability to update or change this data whenever you want.

The USB Wallet Card as a business card has many advantages over a regular business card. The perceived value of a USB Flash Drive over a regular business card is immense.

If you were given a USB Business Card and a regular business card by 2 different people both offering the same product, which would you most likely keep? Which company would stick in your mind more? Not only could you use the Thumb Drive as a business card, but you could also install your brochure on there and a link to your website as well as any other information that you want your customer to see.

USB Business Cards might be more expensive than a regular business card, but more and more people are realising the value of them as a marketing tool, if you would like to see how your card shaped USB could look, please email over your current business card and we will make some proofs for you at no cost to you.