USB Flash Drives For Freedom

What To Do With An Old USB Flash Drives

We’ve made hundreds of thousands of USB Flash Drives over the past 15 years for a lot of happy customers. As an environmentally conscious company, the majority of these USB Flash Drives have had their casings made from recycled materials because we’re big on recycling. So, if your USB Flash Drive has served its initial purpose, you should consider reusing it.

The most obvious thing you can do with your old USB Flash Drives is to reuse them to store other files. If it isn’t locked then you could wipe the existing data and use it to store all kinds of files from Excel documents to family photos.

If you’ve no new files you wish to store on it then you should consider donating it to Flash Drives For Freedom. An organization founded by a former North Korean citizen who became increasingly disillusioned with the brutal regime after being exposed to outside influences.

You Have To See It To Believe It

Few North Korean citizens are permitted to travel outside of the country but some are permitted to travel over to China for work purposes. When there they get to experience a country very different to that of their own and are exposed to outside media such as the latest Hollywood blockbuster or South Korean Soap Operas. For North Korean citizen Jung Gwang-il, seeing this alternative way of life made him question his countries regime.

Soon after his trip to China Gwang-Il was falsely accused of being a spy and imprisoned for four years. During this time he suffered significantly and even came close to dying. Four years later Gwang-Il was found not to be a spy and released from prison. This treacherous experience made him want to pursue an alternative life outside of North Korea more than ever and within days of being released, he had managed to flee to China by swimming across a river. From here he took the perilous path taken by many of the regimes defectors taking him through Vietnam, Cambodia and finally to Thailand, where he could safely claim asylum and be transported to South Korea.

Spreading The Word Using USB Flash Drives

Once in South Korea, Gwang-il teamed up with other human rights activists to inform others of the horrors going on over in North Korea. He also wanted to expose those back home to similar external influences he’d experienced when in China, to show them what life was like elsewhere in the world. He did this by smuggling across the border USB Flash Drives preloaded with TV shows, movies and literature from the outside world. Getting anything across one of the worlds most guarded borders is no easy feat and everything from drones to balloons are used to transport the USB Flash Drives over the border. Those that made it across are watched on Chinese made USB-compatible cell phones and other portable media devices that are commonly found in a society where the average person has little access to the internet.

Over in the United States Of America, the New York Human Rights Foundation heard about the work Gwang-il was undertaking and decided to partner up with him by launching Flash Drives For Freedom. This cause accepts unwanted USB Flash Drives from people and then wipes them clean. Following this, they then load them up with Western media and then send them over to South Korea where they’re then smuggled over the border.



So far over 125,000 USB Flash Drives have been donated containing a total of 2.1 million hours of footage and shared between 1.3 million North Korean citizens. Helping others become disillusioned with the regime. Interestingly The Hunger Games, a movie franchise focused on the struggle for self-preservation in a dystopian future, is one of the most popular smuggled movies.

Want To Help?

You can donate your old USB Flash Drives to Flash Drive For Freedom, find out more about how to do this here.