USB Flash Drives – Buying direct from China

USB Flash drives, as with almost all products these days, is made in China. There are a lot of companies deciding that they don’t need anybody in the West to help them out with their USB Flash Drive orders and that it is cheaper to go direct to China. We cannot compete with the prices that are given when companies go direct to the factories in China, but you also have to ask yourself, what are you purchasing and what you will do if something goes wrong?

When buying directly from the factories in China you will always have to pay upfront before you receive your product and unfortunately there is no way for you to guarantee that once you have paid for your order that it will actually be received. The worst case scenario is that you wont receive anything at all, but I don’t want to paint a bad picture of China. There are plenty of very reputable companies that will send out the USB Flash Drives once ordered, but this isn’t the end of your worries, there are many other factors to consider:

  • Drives not working
  • Problems with reliability
  • Print errors
  • File install errors
  • USB Drives going missing

All are legitimate problems that occur all the time. The factories will tell you that the drives come with a warranty and that they will replace any faulty drives, but what they don’t tell you is that this is on the proviso that you pay for them to be shipped back to China. Any problems will only be corrected once the factory has received the order back and this will cost you a fortune in delivery charges and can take months to get orders through Chinese customs.

There are many things that can go wrong, sometimes it is just down to the language difference causing confusion, unfortunately if you go direct you are going to find it almost impossible to get your money back and this is where companies such as are invaluable. has been dealing with the same trusted factories for years and we also have our own office in China where all orders are checked before they leave the country, so if there ever is a problem it is found at source rather than when you are opening the box. All of our orders are checked three times before they reach you and on the very, very rare occasion that there is a problem there is a native English speaking person in the US or UK to resolve the issue as soon as humanly possible rather than somebody over in China who may ignore the problem as they know there is no comeback.

Ordering USB Flash Drives from a company in the US may be a little more expensive than ordering directly from China, but the customer service and assurance that you will receive exactly what you ordered is invaluable.

Let us worry about the risk so that you don’t have to.