USB Flash Drives and Auto Run

When ordering custom made USB sticks in bulk, a lot of companies request to have an auto-run put onto their USB’s so that when they are plugged into the computer a file or program starts up automatically. They can be very desirable to some customers if they want to push the user in a certain direction, but this is not always a good thing.

Auto runs are a little tricky with USB memory sticks, as they don’t work the same way as a CD, we have to program the drives into thinking they are a CD and to do this we have to partition the drives into 2 separate parts. This can cause problems if the computer it is plugged into is on a network, as there must be 2 drives next to each other (eg. E: and F:) for the computer to read both the partitioned side (read only) and the read/write side. If the drives are separated, then the computer will only be able to read one part of the drive and the auto run side will not work at all.

Auto runs also cause a lot of problems when trying to get the USB Thumb drives to auto run on PC and Mac as we need to install the files for each of them separately, so we will need to do the file install twice.

From feedback from other clients, we have also found that when they have given out drives with auto runs on, people have ended up not using them, because it can get annoying when the drive auto runs every time you plug it in.

On some of the more recent operating systems they are programmed to stop auto runs altogether as this has been found to be the preferred method of viruses to upload themselves onto a computer.

If it is important that you need this functionality, then can get it done, but we can’t avoid the problem of the drives not functioning on some computers on a network or not auto running on some new operating systems.

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