The new IPad iOS 13 will enable file transfers using Flash Drives

Recently Apple announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in California that their latest operating system for iPads would have a pretty handy new feature. With over 40 million iPads sold last year a lone updates to their OS is sure to have a beneficial impact for many. The new feature that caught our attention most was how iPads iOS 13 will support file transfer using Flash Drives. Historically, Apple have been reluctant to embrace USB as a standard connector for transfering files on its phone and tablet devices. This has often proved frustrating to many an Apple user wanting to transfer files from external systems or drives.

With the latest iPad OS being USB compatible Flash Drives and SD cards can now be used for transferring files. The newer iPad Pros feature a USB C port built in, meaning you can directly insert your files for transfer and if you require branded USB C Flash Drives with your logo then we’re able to supply these.

For older iPads you will still be able to transfer files using USB Flash Drives but only via a plug in adaptor.

Once your adaptor or USB Flash Drive is inserted, simply open the Files app and a folder of inputted files will be visible. Here you can select which files you wish to download, copy or forward as required. These changes are great for those more hesitant to transfer files via the cloud, which can be a security concern for many with sensitive documents and other files.

For more information on our branded USB Flash Drives visit our product page, if you would like information about branding USB C drives or multi input drives, please contact us.