Don’t lose that Promotional Thumb Drive!

There are a few measures that you can take to minimise the risk of your promotional thumb drives being lost, misplaced or damaged. To ensure that your flash drives are kept close to your client we recommend the following:

Accesorize with a Printed Lanyards or a keyring attachment
These are often worn alongside company ID badges and passes, lanyards are a popular way to ensure your all important data is kept in the owner’s sight. Lanyards can be easily branded with your company department name and logo – so if it is misplaced the finder will know where to hand it in.

Keyring attachments are another nifty way to maximise the safety of your promotional thumb drives. Today, practically any usb flash drive model can be easily fitted with a keyring attachment.

Models that are designed for convenience

Card shaped promotional thumb drives are growing in popularity for their design and branding capabilities. Thin and small enough to be kept safely tucked away in a wallet or pocket, this model can be easily disguised as a business card. Take the Flip Card USB as an example, its only 2mm thick and can be printed with a logo, message or even a photo of your choice.

The Wristband USB is another popular model that is also built for convenience. A favorite in the sports industry and schools and colleges! Pantone matchable and available in memory sizes up to 32GB.

Here at USB-FlashDrive, we are always looking for ways to help our clients keep their data safe and secure. As well as the suggested accessories and models, we also have a Password Protection service for all our promotional thumb drives which is offered on request.

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