How long does a Flash Drive last?

Flash Drive last for

In a world where sensitive information gets leaked through the online hacking of files it’s unsurprising that many have reverted away from online storage and back to the safer nature of offline Flash Drives for storage.
Flash Drives are not only safer, due to not storing data online, but they’re also a lot more reliable, as they do not rely on an internet connection to work. This has the benefit of making your files available at all times. As with most physical items however, Flash Drives are not infinite and have a usage lifespan.

How long does a Flash Drive last?

There is no definitive answer to this question however the generation of the drive, with newer technologies featuring in newer Flash Drives, does affect the longevity of a Flash Drive. Generally speaking, a Flash Drive can be used between 10,000 – 100,000 write/erase cycles. We therefore say it’s highly unlikely that the average Flash Drive user would use up an entire data lifespan of write/erase cycles. However, a Flash Drives lifespan can be decreased depending on how it is cared for. Flash Drives, when looked after and from a reputable supplier will likely last for long time. It is not impossible for data stored on a drive and left to still be accessible in a decades time with no corruption. Frequently used Flash Drives however will require more care and the following steps should prolong your Flash Drives lifespan.

Looking after your Flash Drive

  • Flash Drives exposed to harsh environments, such as those prone to high temperatures or excessive moisture, risk damage to the element parts of the Flash Drive and should therefore be avoided.
  • Most Flash Drives come with a protective cap or encasing. Ensuring you use these to cover your Flash Drive will prevent it becoming contaminated with dust that can damage Flash Drives.
  • Don’t yank it out! “Ejecting” a Flash Drive properly means the data is less likely to become corrupted. To eject your Flash Drive correctly simply right click on the Flash Drive on your computer and select eject.
  • Avoid leaving your Flash Drive connected when not in use as this causes excess stress to the connective elements which increases the chances of them becoming damaged.

The takeaway?

As with all tech products it’s important to care for your Flash Drive to ensure they last and you get the most out of them. Ensuring you get your Flash Drives from a reputable supplier also helps to ensure that they last longer and are of a higher quality. Here at USB-Flash Drive we’re confident in the quality of Flash Drives we sell and offer a 15 year guarantee on all of our Flash Drives!

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