How does the new Microsoft Windows 10 update affect your Flash Drive?

The new Windows 10 update is expected to be rolled out very soon. With this operating system being the world’s most popular for desktop devices, there’s going to be a lot of people who’ll be updating in the near future.

Being experts in all things flash drives we wanted to make you aware of two important changes this new update has and how it will affect your flash drives.

Remove your flash drive before updating

Microsoft have reported that, in the trial group of users, those with flash drives connected could not install the update. When they tried the following error message appeared:


The problem isn’t with your flash drive


Your flash drive isn’t broken or corrupted. This issue is caused with the way the operating system labels devices and drives. You’ve probably noticed when you view your ‘Devices and Drivers’ folder that each one gets  labeled with a letter, as seen in the example below:



The latest update seems to mismanage the labeling process by giving drives new letters. Whilst this does not sound like a major issue, Microsoft has warned that this could result in your computer’s internal drives being reassigned with new letters.Which is a major issue for all kinds of reasons!

Microsoft have confirmed that they will release an update to rectify this issue at some point but the exact date is not known. If you can’t wait to install the latest update, and don’t rely on flash drives to run your device, then all you need to do is remove your flash drive prior to attempting the install.

You no longer need to eject your flash drive safely

We’ve spent years telling our clients that it is important to remove your flash drives properly via ejecting first and once your device has stated it is safe to remove.



With the new Windows 10 feature however there is a new feature called “quick removal”. This prevents the operating system from constantly trying to write onto your flash drive. Which means your flash drive will only be used by the operating system when you are actually using it for transferring data. Great news! Just be sure not to do it during the data transferring process.

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