Why Flash Drives still make excellent promotional giveaways

Printed Flash Drives have long been a firm favorite in promotional merchandise world. Having continually been found in the top 10 lists of promotional products, some may feel that with the growth of cloud platforms and storage space, the days of the Flash Drive giveaway were numbered. However, we have some great reasons as to why branded Flash Drive will continue to be a useful and appreciated item of branded merchandise…

Data Security

It was a big topic even before GDPR came into light in May 2018 with cyber attacks on the United Kingdom’s National Health Service and on national banks being reported in 2017. Backing up your data on an external hard-drive or portable Flash Drive is great practice. It is also a great way to transport data.And for those that want extra levels of security in place, Flash Drives such as our GDPR drive, offer hardware encryption meaning that even if your Flash Drive fell into the wrong hands, your data would always be safe.

You can check out our GDPR drive here.


With inflation and new technologies, you tend to find the cost of items going up. The opposite is true of Flash Drive. As a commodity, the price of flash memory varies day to day and so when look at trends in pricing we have to look on a larger scale. If you compare the cost of promotional printed Flash Drive today to the prices 5 years and 10 years ago, you will see they are considerably lower. Being budget friendly is definitely a big-selling point that flash drives have on their side.


Flash Drives can be custom made into a wide variety of shapes and designs. Usually made of PVC but available in wood and plastic materials too, custom shaped Flash Drives make great promotional gifts and offer very high levels of brand awareness.

It can be a great leap forward in brand recognition or awareness in a new product, achieving more than a simple logo print can.

Custom shaped Flash Drives continue to be an extremely unique and popular product year after year.

Get more information on our Custom Shaped Flash Drives here.

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