Finding the right Thumb Drive for you

There’s so much choice on the USB Thumb Drive market at the moment – making the task of deciding what model to choose a difficult one. Hopefully, this short guide will help make things much clearer. Although you may feel like there are many aspects that need to be considered when selecting the perfect USB model for you, there are actually only 3 main points:

Memory Size
What type of data will be uploaded onto each Thumb Drive? Music, photo’s, software etc. It’s possible to get memory as large as 32GB for your thumb drives.

Will you be incorporating your company colors, logo, contact details or company name into the design? Depending on the amount of information you want to include, you might decide to go for a model that has a much larger printing area, such as the USB Flip Card. Here at USB-FlashDrive, we offer free branding on all our models – so you can go all out with your branding without worrying about going over your marketing budget.

Are there finishing touches would you like to add to you Thumb Drives? Lanyards and key chains are the most popular options here. They both ensure that your Thumb Drives are always close to hand and increase your brand exposure. For example, lanyards can be printed with your company name or logo.

If you require any further help in deciding which USB Thumb Drive to choose, please feel free to contact us on: 1-866-709-4836 (Toll Free) or by emailing: