How to make a Favicon for a USB Flash Drive

When you purchase branded USB Flash Drives you want to get as much of your branding on there as possible, so here is a handy little way to change the icon you see when you plug in your USB  – so that your own logo or any other image appears instead.


First of all you need to make your logo, you may have this already, or you can use a program such as Photoshop or Microsoft Paint.

Try to make the image as square as possible otherwise it will get distorted or may have areas cut off. Save the image as a jpeg and try to keep it as simple as possible as this will translate better to the .ico file.


Next you need to change the jpeg into a .ico file.

A good website to do this is Chami – click on “Favicon from pics” and once here upload the image and Chami will automatically generate your .ico file.



Once you have the .ico file, save this to the root of the USB.


Next you need to open up notepad to create an auto run file. Copy and paste the following text into notepad.


Then save this file titled “autorun.inf”



Save this file to the root of the USB along with the .ico file.

You then just need to unplug the USB Flash Drive and plug it back in and the favicon should appear.

I hope this helps.