We challenge you! Can you find all 11 of our Branded USB Drives?

We challenge you to take on our Product Sales Manager, James Thomas, and see if you can find all 11 of our Branded USB Drives in this word search in less than 1.5 minutes (that’s James’ time record).

All 11 Branded USB Drives hidden in this word search were found to be best sellers this month. They are all available in memory as large as 16GB and come with FREE branding and accessory options (key ring attachment or plain lanyard). We also offer a range of packaging options – which can also be easily branded. These include: recycled paper boxes, leather pouches, window boxes, blister packaging and wooden boxes.

Take on our challenge! Can you find all 11?

If you’d like to find out more about our Branded USB Drives, please feel free to contact us by calling  1-886-709-4836 (Toll free) or by emailing: sales@usb-flashdrive.com