Will my files fit? What to bear in mind when selecting USB-Drive memory capacity


Have you ever tried to fit 2GB worth of data onto a 2GB Flash Drive only to be told there is insufficient memory capacity?


You double check your file sizes to ensure they really total 2GB and try again only to be greeted with the same notification. You delete or compress your files and try again, this time it works! So why can’t you put 2GB of data on a 2GB Flash Drive?


Well, it all boils down to the numbers and how computers interpret them in comparison to hard drives and storage makers.


Computers store data using binary code, meaning:

So, whilst we expect 1KB of data to be equal to 1000 Bytes this isn’t actually the case. Manufacturers of hard drives and Flash Drives decided, as an industry-wide standard, to measure their drive capacities on decimal numbers. This has been simplified to make it easier for customers to understand.

Decimal numbers, however, result in 24KB of storage not being created. There is roughly a 7% discrepancy between actual data storage and perceived data capabilities.


Thankfully this discrepancy is often not an issue and it is rare that we ever intend to fill our Flash Drives to capacity. Although, if you do have a specific memory requirement, it is worth bearing the above in mind and you may require a larger Flash Drive memory size to ensure your file fits without needing to be compressed or edited.


Here at USB-Flashdrive we have over 15 years worth of experience supplying promotional Flash Drives which means we are experts at advising on what memory size is best for your specific needs. From large video files or photo albums to smaller documents – we know what size memory stick will work best for you!


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