100% Custom Made USB Thumb Drives

When purchasing branded USB Flash Drives a couple of years ago there was only really one choice unless you were ordering thousands and that was just to get them printed with your logo. This is not the case anymore with custom USB thumb drives now being more affordable than ever. Yes, they are still slightly more expensive than a regular model USB printed with your logo on it, but gone are the thousands of $’s set-up costs.

You can now get a custom shape USB Drive for just a little more than a regular model and the minimum order is now only 100 units. A custom shape Thumb Drive will really set-you apart from the rest of the competition who are still giving out the same old USB’s that have been doing the rounds for years.

At USB-Flashdrive.com we practice what we preach, for example we exhibited in Vegas so had a USB made in the shape of a Casino Chip. The year before we were in President Obama’s hometown of Chicago so we honoured the president in making a drive in his image (although this didn’t go down too well with the Republicans 😉

A lot of companies believe that a custom USB Flash Drive will be too hard to design, but you don’t need to worry about that, we have a skilled set of designers, so just tell us what you want and email any pictures that may help. We will get back to you with some concepts and we will do this without tying you in to anything, so if you are not happy with the designs, there is no commitment to pay.

One thing to consider when purchasing Custom Made USB Flash Drives is that production time is a little longer. You will be looking at 4-5 weeks from initial design until you receive the product so please make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

More and more companies are moving to custom USB thumb drives – why not give it a try yourself and send us over your ideas, I guarantee that you wont be disappointed.