Flash Drive Hacks – Top 5 DIY Flash Drive Videos

Here at USB-Flashdrive.com we love a good technology hack or gimmick and there is no better place to search for these than on our friend YouTube.
Some of the most popular videos involving USB memory sticks are the DIY drives. There are hundreds of videos of people from all over the world designing their own Flash Drive covers. Materials used vary from plastic and wood to plasticine and ideas for designs range from popular candy bars to dinosaur eggs.
I’ve scoured through the hours of video to find my personal favourite DIY flash drive offerings.

DIY Chanel Flash Drive



DIY Lego USB Stick



BEST VID! – Nifty gives us 3 DIY Flash Drive Hacks



Want to have a go at making your own memory stick casing?

Contact USB-Flashdrive for a quote on an order of PCB memory boards, this is the internal chip found in the inside of USB flash drives. It’s the perfect purchase for the DIY enthusiast!
If you do make your own flash drive, make sure you make a video, upload it onto YouTube and then share it with us. We want to see your creations.
And if you don’t fancy making¬†your own custom flash drives, check out our custom shape usb stick service¬†and let our experts design and build your own creation.