Hot Flash Drives for 2019!

Flash drives for 2019


Happy New Year!

We thought we’d kick start the New Year off with our predictions of what Flash Drives we believe will be popular in 2019 and why.


Eco-friendly Flash Drives

Eco-friendly flash drives with logo

Consumers all over the country voiced their concern regarding plastic waste in 2018 with some US cities banning the use of some single use plastics such as plastic bags and drinking straws. Their concerns weren’t just limited to single use plastics however with many of our clients now seeking more eco-friendly flash drives. Whilst all of our flash drives here at are made from recycled materials, therefore giving a second life to some plastics, some of our flash drives have even more eco-friendly qualities. Flash drives in our Eco range are cased in either bamboo, recycled paper and even cork. These materials are all biodegradable meaning the casing from your flash drives won’t be found polluting our oceans in 1000 years time! We think this change in consumer behaviour is more than just a fleeting fad and will become even more popular in 2019 as more and more citizens implement more sustainable lifestyles. You can check out our Eco-Friendly flash drive range here.


Business Card Flash Drives

Business card flash drives

Attending a trade show or expo and need to get your contact details and files across to prospective new clients? You’re not alone! So, why not combine your business cards and flash drives into one? This can often be a cost effective way that fulfills both requirements. An added benefit is that, generally speaking, flash drives are kept a lot longer than your average business card which helps to keep your business at the front of your clients mind. We really like this wooden version for its distinctive aesthetic and eco-friendly qualities. With the trade show industry increasing in 2018 and it predicted to continue into 2019 we think our Business Card Flash Drives will be hot this year. View our Business Card Flash Drive range here.


Custom Flash Drives

Since we started way back in the early 00’s our custom flash drives have been one of our most in demand models. Offering total creative freedom and a way to truly present the uniqueness of your brand and company in your flash drive, making it more distinctive and memorable. With the need to reflect your brand fully and stand out from the crowd being timeless we can’t see this flash drive model becoming any less popular in 2019. Get your own Custom Flash Drive here.