If you were a Flash Drive, what Flash Drive model would you be and why?

Here at USB Flash Drive we like to have a little fun occasionally. We’ve been operating for over 15 years and with most of our staff having worked here for at least a decade there’s rarely a Flash Drive question they can’t answer. So, we thought we’d ask them a fun, but slightly unusual, Flash Drive question that they’d have to think about before answering. The Flash Drive question you ask?

If you were to be a Flash Drive, what Flash Drive model would you be and why?

Rosie: “Obviously the VIP Flash Drive!”

I’d rather be a celebrity than a Flash Drive but if I had to pick one it would obviously be the VIP Flash Drive. Like myself it stands out and brings the ‘A’ game to the world of Flash Drives with a sleek and shiny surface that makes your brands logo really pop. It’s certainly one of the more sophisticated Flash Drives.

Flash Drive VIP


Shelley: “Heavily pregnant, I certainly have a big round belly”

I’m currently heavily pregnant and I certainly have a big round belly to show for it. So for me right now the Flash Drive I relate to the most is definitely the Pod Drive! Unlike the Pod Drive I’m not feeling particularly small or lightweight at the moment (the joys of pregnancy!). It is however a great Flash Drive that can be pantone matched and comes with free keychain or lanyard to carry it.

Pod Drive Flash Drive


Alice: “I would be a lightbulb drive because im full of bright ideas”

I struggled with this question at first but then I had an idea… a BRIGHT idea! I’m forever having new thoughts and ideas pop into my head and I’m known as a bit of a ‘bright spark’ by my friends and colleagues. So, for me I think I’d be the Lightbulb Drive if I were to be a Flash Drive. It’s a pretty quirky looking Flash Drive and has the best feature of any Flash Drive ever, when plugged in it lights up! Just like a real light bulb, how much more realistic can a Flash Drive get?

Flash Drive Light bulb


So, there’s our answers to what is perhaps the strangest Flash Drive question our account managers have ever been asked.

Wondering what Flash Drive you would be? Take a look at all of our FLASH DRIVES HERE and find out which one suits you.