Buying Flash Drives in Bulk – How to choose the right memory size for you

You want to purchase your favorite Flash Drives in bulk, but you don’t know what memory capacity you need. Don’t worry, by the time that you’ve read this blog you’ll be able to order the memory capacity for your flash drives in confidence.

Here we go…

First, consider the purpose of your USB Flash Drives. For example, if you are buying them to be handed out as a promotional gift then a 512 Mb should be sufficient. On the other hand, if they are for clients to use on a repeated basis, or for internal use, then we would suggest any size from 1GB to 32GB – take your pick!

Next, we suggest that you take a quick look at the following guideline which highlights the average memory size for standard file types:

  • MP3 Audio Files = 4Mb*
  • Photos = 1Mb*
  • Word File = 50Kb*

*Please note, these are all approximate sizes

Therefore, after using the guidelines just mentioned, we can see that a 2GB Flash Drive will hold
512 MP3 Audio Files, 2000 Digital Photos and 10240 Word files.

I hope this has been helpful,

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