USB Thumb Drive? What do you call yours?

There are so many different names out there for a USB Flash Drive. Here at USB-flashdrive.comwe’re wondering which is the most popular.

Some people call them Thumb Drives.

Other people refer to them as
Memory Sticks.


How about a Memory or USB Key?


Another favorite is Pen Drive.


The last one I can think of is a Jump Drive (couldn’t find a picture for this one). All of these names refer to exactly the same product, so why all the different identities? To be honest I’m not sure, but one thing that I am sure of is that if there is a USB that you are looking for, then we will able to get it for you.

We have over 100 different USB Flash drives in our range that can be customized and if you can’t see the promotional drive that you want, then just send us a picture and we will find it for you.

If you want something that will really stand you out amongst the crowd though, then why not go for a Custom Made USB Flash Drive? Whatever you want, send it over to us and we will have one of our designers draw you up a proof. If you want to move forward with it, we will have your sample brought to life in no time at all.

Please let us know what you call a USB Flash Drive or if there are any other names that we have missed out.

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