How can you customize a USB Flash Drive?

Custom made USB flash drives are a fantastic way to promote your brand. In fact, there are many different drives that can be custom made in our collection and also many different ways to customize them. On 95% of our USB’s it is also possible to brand both sides of the drive at no extra cost.

Lets start with the metal USB Drives, it is possible to screen print or digitally print them, but my personal favourite is engrave. When you print a drive with wear and tear it eventually will chip or rub off, but when you engrave a USB, your logo will be on there for good. I also think that engrave adds to the perceived value of the drive without adding to the cost of producing it.

Wooden USB’s can also be printed or engraved and again the engrave on a wooden drive will never rub off and it looks great, but when making this decision it all comes down to how important your corporate colors are to your brand. When printing onto a wooden surface it is very hard to Pantone match the print as the color of the wood can affect the shading of the color, so we would always recommend engrave.

Finally you have the plastic drives. We can’t really laser engrave the plastic drives, but this down side is more than made up for by the fact that not only can we Pantone match the print onto the drive, but we can also Pantone match the actual shell of the drive. This can look fantastic and really get your branding across to the customer.

My favourite way to customize a USB though is to do it from scratch and design the whole shape of the USB as well as printing your logo on there. This gives you a unique promotional gift that will get people talking! You can make anything you like and the set-up costs have come right down now making this option more affordable that ever. Not only do we preach this, but we practice it as well – This year we will be giving out cool USB flash drives in the shape of Casino Chips and Playing Cards at PPAI in Las Vegas – Come and pay us a visit for your free USB!


Custom USB Flash Drive