USB Thumb Drives fix major security breach for Chrysler

After two hackers managed to take control of someone else’s Chrysler Jeep, the world’s leading car manufacturer turns to USB Thumb Drives to fix the problem.

DEFCON hackers, Charlie Miller and ‘Chris Valasek have highlighted just how vulnerable some vehicles built in computer systems can be by hacking into that of a Chrysler Jeep using their cell phones. The cars¬† have the ability to connect via Chrysler’s uConnect cellular network, and so can be accessed and tampered with from miles away by anyone who knows the car’s public IP address. In this case, the hackers were able able to control the entertainment system, brakes and accelerator.

Owners of the affected vehicles are now being advised to download the software fix on to a USB Thumb Drive and to follow instructions on how to install it – whereas, others are being sent a USB Thumb Drive with the fix pre-installed on to it.

By releasing the software fix on a USB Thumb Drive, Chrysler will avoid the painful costs and inconvenience of having to recall 1.4 million cars.

This is further evidence that USB Thumb Drives are more than just a great promotional tool, but they exist to make our lives far more more efficient and much more secure.

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