Why Are USB Flash Drives Such a Popular Promotional Gift?

The simple answer is that almost anybody can use them! According to statistics published by The Nielsen Company, more than 80% of Americans now have a computer in there homes. Almost all computers have a USB port, which means that the vast majority of the country is able to use a USB Flash Drive.

The second reason that USB Flash Drives are so popular is that they have so many uses. The number one use of a USB drive is to transport information from one place to another, for example a student can finish off an assignment on his/her computer at home, save the assignment to their USB and then just hand the USB in to the teacher rather than having to print it out.

Another use for a USB is to back up information. A lot of people store important information/data on their computers, whether it be personal information such as family photos, or business related such as spreadsheets. There is nothing worse than when your computer dies on you and all those family photos are lost forever, so many people back up this information on a USB.

With the addition of Readyboost to Microsoft’s latest operating systems, people can now use USB’s to speed up their computers.  All computers that are running Windows Vista or a more up to date OS have a function called ReadyBoost. If your PC is running slowly, it is likely that you are low on RAM, when this happens the computer needs a space to stash data and turns to the hard drive where as USB memory can offer a much speedier alternative in the form of Readyboost.

These uses show why a USB is so desirable to the consumer, but to be a good promotional gift, the person or company giving it away has to get some benefit out of the deal as well.

Branding is very important with any promotional gift and with a USB Flash Drive you can print or engrave your company logo on it and the person receiving the USB will look at this logo every time they use it. There are not many ways to get such strong brand recognition as the person using the device is likely to get a lot of use out of it and USB’s generally will last for around 10 years.

Not only can the distributor put their brand onto a USB, but they can also fill it with data relevant to their target market. This information can be made to auto-run so that when the consumer plugs the USB in, it can automatically launch the distributors website.A company may choose to put their product brochure onto a USB, this now gives the USB the ability to provide product awareness.

USB Flash Drives offer both value to the consumer and the distributor and as with most electrical products they are becoming cheaper over time and therefore more affordable to more and more people. This value and affordability places them near the top, if not at the very top of the promotional gift market.