USB 3.0. Does your Promo Flash Drive need to be faster?

USB 3.0 was released in 2008 and soon became an option for promotional flash drives with its superior transfer speeds. When looking at our website you will see that many of our most popular USB flash drive models are offered in both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. However, what is really the difference between these two USB versions, and which is best for you?

What does a USB 3.0 Flash Drive offer?

USB 3.0 offers superior data transfer speed and higher efficiency for managing your data, however it does come at an additional cost so there are a few factors that you should consider before opting for the bigger and better USB 3.0 offering.

(1)   SPEED

It is faster. If speed is the aim of the game then USB 3.0 is what you are looking for. USB 2.0 transfers data at about 480mb, whereas USB 3.0 offers data transfer at about 4,800mb. That’s 10x the speed! However, if the USB port you are plugging your memory stick into is only USB 2.0, then data transfer can only happen at USB 2.0 speed. This is something to be aware of, although most modern computers will house a USB 3.0 input.


It’s worth noting that USB 3.0 ports are backwards compatible. If you’re looking into USB 3.0 flash drives because you’re worried that the USB 2.0 version won’t be compatible with your new super modern laptop or computer, don’t worry, your regular flash drives will still work fine.


USB 3.0 is not only faster, it also has a larger bandwidth. This allows for data to pass in both directions simultaneously. This is not possible with USB 2.0 where data can only pass in one direction at a time.

What we say…

It sounds obvious but it all depends on your needs. If you are dealing with transferring large files frequently, then we would recommend USB 3.0. It will be easier for both you and your clients to use, which will reflect positively on your brand and business.

If you are using your flash drives as free promotional handouts and only a few small files are needing to be uploaded, a USB 2.0 will more than serve its purpose and save you a few cents.


To view our full range of USB 3.0 flash drive models, visit our USB 3.0 webpage.