Our Top 10 Custom-Made Branded Flash Drives!

custom flash drive

Over the years, USB-Flashdrive has created hundreds of custom designed and branded memory sticks for clients from all over the world. We’ve had some weird and wacky requests as well as some really ingenious ones. It’s been hard to choose, but here are our TOP 10 custom flash drives!

fire extinguisher flash drive



10. Foam Fire Extinguisher

This is one of our favourite custom flash drives due to the cool rubber hose that means you never lose your lid. A funky and memorable little design that was a big hit with our clients and looks great standing up on your desk.




lightbulb usb design


9. Lightbulb

This one’s a little bit of a cheat as it’s not a custom-made flash drive. However, it’s so different and cool that it looks custom-made! The best part…it actually lights up when you plug it into your computer! If you’d be interested in branding this flash drive for your company, visit our site for a quote.







8. Blackberry Phone

The design based on the big business phone makes a big impact and gives a new meaning to the term ‘phone memory’.




battery design flash drive



7. Duracell Battery

A personal favourite. I like Duracell’s custom flash drive as it’s the same size as the original item. It’s so well disguised that if you saw it laying around on the side in your lounge or study, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t a regular Duracell battery, which makes it great for storing your secret files.





spoon usb stick


6. Kenwood

In this day and age we want everything to be multi-use. A mobile phone is no longer just a mobile phone; it’s also a diary, a camera and a games console, among various other things. However a USB memory stick that can also be used as a spoon? Well that’s something you don’t see everyday!







5. WD40

This custom design makes the list as it’s so incredibly detailed. The WD40 can has such a distinctive appearance and that’s all been captured on this small replica. It was a hit here in the office and I’m sure it was a hit with their clients.




vodafone usb stick



4. Vodaphone Vespa

This is definitely one of the coolest designs we have ever produced, a vespa with a USB hidden in it’s middle. It’s fun, bright and memorable and look’s great on your desk.





3. mascara-memory-stickRimmel Mascara

A mascara tube is the perfect product to replicate for a custom flash drive. The USB sits perfectly under the lid and of course, the mascara flash drive looks perfectly in place inside any handbag.




custom flash drive



2. Tommee Tippee Bin

This almost made it to number 1 as we find it so hilariously funny. Of all the things in the world to make into a custom flash drive…..a nappy bin! We love the blue and pink colours and can’t help but smile when we think about this design. Luckily we don’t replicate smell!




oscar shaped flash drive



1. Oscar

And finally, the winner for the best custom made USB flash drive goes to…the Oscar! It’s fun and it stands from the crowd. I think it’s the perfect drive to save all your favourite movies on. Everybody dreams of having an Oscar!


We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at our top custom flash drives. Let us know which is your favourite.




If you’re thinking about having a custom designed branded flash drive made for your company, then contact us with your ideas and we’ll get a quote over to you. Full details can be found on the USB-Flashdrive website.