Ilike Organic Skincare and their Branded Flash Drive

ilike Organic Skin Care create high-end, environmentally friendly and organic skin care products. Last year, they got in contact with our team as they were looking to customize flash drives and have them uploaded with their latest product catalogue. They came to us at USB Flash Drive as we offer a range of eco-friendly USB models that would fall into the look and feel of their brand. We also upload free data uploading up to 300mb, which meant their drives would arrive pre-loaded and ready for their customers.



After looking at our range of eco-friendly flash drives, ilike decided to go with Bamboo Twist 2 model. It worked well for their brand as bamboo is a sustainable material with an eco-appeal look. It has a large branding are which was perfect for their logo and the design meant that the USB connector would be protected when the drive was close and their was no lid to lose.

We think their choice flash drive perfectly suited their brand guidelines and fulfilled their need. Another very happy customer.


If you’d like more information about ilike organic products, please visit this website.