Halloween USB Flash Drives?

Are you bored of the same old candy promotions around Halloween time? Why not try something a little different and give away a custom shaped USB flash drive this Halloween? At USB-flashdrive.com, we can make a USB in pretty much any shape you want, so whether it’s a pumpkin, a witch or even a USB in the shape of some candy, we can get it made for you. Email over the logo/design that you want and we will get back to you straight away with a proof of how your end product will look.

Halloween USB


Custom shaped USB’s take a little longer to make than our regular drives as we need to first design the USB, make the mold, then once the sample is signed off we can finally go into production. This whole process takes around 4 weeks from receipt of order until the drives arrive to you. So if you want your order ready for Halloween, please ensure you give us plenty of time. If it is just a regular branded USB drive that you are after, this process usually takes around 7-10 days, however, if you need them sooner, please let us know your deadline and we will see what we can do.