Custom Shaped Flash Drives | USB Smurfs

What happens when you combine custom shaped flash drives and the Smurfs? You get a really cool product which will be loved by children and even adults (me included).

Smurf USB Custom Shaped Flash Drives

Columbia Pictures and Sony Animation are releasing their much anticipated Smurf adventure on the big screen. As with any film, especially children’s films, the producer’s need to promote it and ensure everyone’s aware of the release. This is done via advertising (tv, radio, magazines, posters), third party promotions (McDonald’s toys, cereal toys), PR and merchandise. Children’s film merchandise alone is huge business and makes many companies vast amounts of money. Kids simply love owning and wanting products based on their favorite films and tv programmes. The people in charge of the Smurf merchandise have come up with a fantastic idea and have commissioned the production of custom shaped flash drives, these cute USBs are in the form of Papa Smurf and his pals. You’d probably imagine that this would have cost a lot of money to produce – you’d be wrong. Here at we can produce your very own shaped flash drive for just $199, to the exact same standard as the Smurf variety (we’ve even created aBarak Obama USB, check him out here). Better still, our minimum order quantity is only 100 units. You can even have key ring loops added to the design so that the product can be kept close to hand.

The great opportunity with custom shaped flash drives and customized flash drives is that you can have them uploaded with promotional data, like video files, web links, audio and more (we can upload these files for you and the first 100MB per USB drive is uploaded for FREE). I am wondering if eventually the whole Smurf movie will be released on custom shaped flash drives – now that would be cool! Plus, almost all the latest TV’s and DVD players built today support USB format, making this idea a perfect opportunity.

The special thing about the Smurfs is that they’ve been around since the 1950′s and adults are still very fond of them (The Smurfs take them back to their childhood). I am guessing it won’t just be children that will be demanding their parents for these cool USB Flash Drives, the adults will be buying them for themselves as well (I want one).

The Smurf USBs come with a choice of 4GB or 8GB of memory capacity.

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