Branded USB Flash Drive Brochure Vs Paper Brochure

More and more we are seeing companies release their brochure on a USB Flash Drive rather than printing it out, so we thought we would try and look at why this is happening.

Paper brochures have been the preferred method for companies to show off their products and services for years and years, but recently we have seen a huge upturn in the number USB Flash Drives with a brochure preloaded on them. One of the main reasons we think this is happening is that Thumb Drives have become so much more affordable. We are now at a stage where it is actually cheaper to produce your brochure on a branded thumb drive than having it printed!

When we have exhibited at Trade Shows in the past one thing that we always come across is people walking around with lots of bags and boxes absolutely stuffed to the brim with flyers and brochures. One thing that you can be sure of is that almost all of it will end up in the garbage. The perceived value of a USB Flash Drive (although probably cheaper than the brochure) is much higher than a regular printed brochure, so it will be kept for personal use putting your brand and catalog in front of your customers eyes every day.

USB Flash Drives can be branded up with your logo and you can also install other files onto the USB further re-enforcing your brand to your customer. Not only that, but with a printed USB Flash Drive, you are giving your customer a gift that they can use for personal use to store work or family photos on, where as a paper brochure has one use (unless your low on fire wood).

All round there really is only one winner, the USB Flash Drive wins hands down on all fronts. If you are getting ready to print your next brochure, please drop us an email or give us a call as I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised with what we can do for you at a very low price.