5 Top tips for ensuring you get the perfect branded USB Flash Drive.

1.    USB Model or Design

Make sure that you pick a USB Flash Drive that fits your logo/brand. If you have a complicated logo with lots of text on there, then you are going to need a drive with a big print area such as the USB Wallet Card or Flip. If you have a simple logo, then one of the smaller drives may suit you best, check to see if it can be Pantone matched with your logo for that extra special look.

How important is color to you? If your brand relies on color, then go for a drive that can be Pantone matched, if not why not go for engrave which can be done at no extra cost?

If the environment is important to your company, why not go for one of our Recycled Paper or sustainable material drives such as the Bamboo Drive?

2.    Make sure you have a strong logo/message.

Sometimes less can be more. Do not try to fit too much information in the print as it can devalue your brand.  You want a strong logo that will stand out and re-enforce your brand to the user. You can print on both sides of almost all of our Thumb Drives, so if there is a message you want to get across make sure you use all the area you have to work with.

3.    Make sure you have good artwork.

When we print on the USB Flash Drive, the quality of the artwork that we are sent will decide how good the end print will be. Ideally we need vector artwork which is usually saved as one of the following file types: eps, ai, pdf.

If your printing is 4 solid colors or less, then we will screen print it which gives the print a fantastic shiny finish. If your logo has shading in it or is 4+ colors, then it will usually be digitally printed which unfortunately doesn’t have such a crisp finish, for this reason I would always recommend going with screen print if possible.

If you don’t have vector format, please send us your logo in the highest quality/resolution that you have and we will send it to one of our in house designers to see if we can improve it for you.

4.    Make sure you have the right memory size.

A lot of people just want the cheapest memory size when purchasing USB Thumb drives that are being given away, but this can be very short sighted. Now more than ever the price range for USB’s is getting smaller and smaller with the difference between a 32MB and a 4GB (128x as big) is only $1 approx.

If you give somebody a 32MB drive, they may use it once to see what is on there, but after that, it has very little use to the user, where as if you give out a 4GB drive, the user will actually be able to use the Flash Drive for personal use keeping your brand in front of them every day and re-enforcing it.

If possible, don’t go cheap, give the user something that they can use and value.

5.    Make sure you put a file install onto your USB

A lot of companies order branded USB Flash Drives and give them out blank to their customers. This is an opportunity missed where you can get valuable marketing information in front of your customers eyes over and over again. Why not put your brochure on the USB, then the user has an easy reference guide to all of your products? How about a link directly to your website?

Here at USB-flashdrive.com we aim to help you get the most out of your purchase, what’s good for you is good for us if it keeps you coming back!